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Reiki Master Deb is Available  For Reiki

Reiki is £30 for an hour - an hour and a half appointment

Deb is also offering Reiki to anyone who is wanting to learn.

Reiki level 1

Reiki level 2

Reiki Masters


All about Reiki...


The art of healing:- Reiki is intangible, invisible, a subtle field of  life energy. The word Reiki is a Japanese word for universal life energy. This universal life energy flows through our body, hands and feet for as long as we live. Reiki can be used for emotional, mental and physical ailments, it can bring about profound improvements. It works on any level to heal and release pain and disruption thus rebalancing the system and returning the body to a natural balance.


Reiki translates to universal life-force energy. REI meaning universal energy, KI meaning life-force energy. The life-force energy flows through our bodies in a similar way to our blood.  If it becomes imbalanced, blocked or disrupted it causes weakness and disease within the body, which in turn predisposes us to physical, mental or emotional conditions.


This electro-magnetic energy is accepted by medical professions and is sometimes used for diagnostic purposes. For anyone that learns Reiki it can be a life changing experience ,bringing a whole new dimension and understanding.


What does a Reiki treatment feel like?


People have described their experience in many different ways: However most express a deep feeling of peace. Often clients will fall asleep through deep relaxation and when the energy flows through the body it can be felt as a deep nurturing.

Sometimes a tingling sensation is felt, some see colours or lights, muscle spasms can occur and a feeling of something lifting from you.

Clients often feel as if they are lifting or sinking into the bed.

You can very often have visions of time gone by, clients often feel like they are in a forest,  all peaceful and with nice feelings. 

Those who experience it on a regular basis open themselves up to a vibration which will boost their energy and zest for life, at the same time their immune system will be reinforced.


A Reiki practioner uses a non-intrusive hands-on technique to transfer the energy. The hands are held over certain areas for a small period of time or until the practioner feels that it is right to move on, usually beginning at the head and working down to the feet.

Reiki is regarded as an intelligent energy and the energy will go where it is needed.

Time is taken to talk before treatment begins, and after each Reiki healing, leaving the client completely grounded to face the rest of the day.


A Reiki treatment can be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.


 Before a Reiki treatment....


Your Reiki practioner will spend time with you going through any medical conditions or problems you are hoping to address with the treatment.

A full explanation of the treatment will be given beforehand.

You will be invited to lay down fully-clothed onto a bed and be made comfortable and warm.

An assessment of your Chakara health will be explained, it will enable the therapist to assess area that require more attention. Also a scan of the body will be done, using hands to scan for any hot-spots for treatment.


After a Reiki treatment....


After the treatment the therapist will ensure you are fully grounded, offer you water and spend time talking over your treatment.

After a treatment, or for up to 24hrs afterwards, you may feel a little tired, shivery or a little distant. It is good to drink plenty of water and rest.

After this period has passed you should feel very well, ailments should feel better and mental state of health should feel improved. Generally you should have a good feeling of being well balanced.









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